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Our Mission Statement

All Fawn Rescue's fawns come to us due to human interference.
Therefore, we feel a deep obligation to restore them to health
and return them to their natural habitat where they belong.

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Fawn RescueFawn Rescue

For help with an injured or orphaned fawn,
please call Fawn Rescue at (707) 931-4550.

For other inquiries, please contact us at fawns@fawnrescue.org Emails are answered as quickly as time allows.

For urgent matters, please call us.
Fawn Rescue is the only organization in Sonoma County licensed to care for ill, injured or orphaned fawns.
As a public safety measure, we do not have a physical center where you can drop off fawns.
Our Animal Care Coordinator, Matt Wolfe will respond to all calls and answer your questions.

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Dear Fawn Rescue Friends and Fans,

On October 8th, a huge wildfire swept through Sonoma County destroying homes and wildlife habitat. Fawn Rescue and many of our volunteers suffered enormous losses. Our Animal Care Coordinator, Matt Wolfe and our founder, Marj Davis, both lost their homes. In addition, our storage building burned, destroying our tools and supplies of fawn formula and other equipment.

Despite this calamity, we are determined to be ready for the fawns of 2018. With the loss of habitat we know that the need will be greater than ever. The deer herd will be stressed, and in closer contact with people as they search for food. That spells trouble with cars and fences for the new fawns.

Your support has helped so many fawns. When the little one fell in the storm drain, when the young buck was temporarily blinded by a head injury, you were there to offer suppoprt and rejoice in their successful release back to the wild. Your compassion gave those beautiful creatures the chance they needed.

Your love of wildlife is amazing, so we are turning to you again. Will you help us recover in time for the first tiny fawn of 2018? Please take a moment now to send a tax deductible donation via our website to donate securely by credit card or mail your check to: Fawn Rescue, POB 1622, Sonoma CA 95476.

On behalf of the fawns who will be saved by your gift, we thank you!

Carol Stenlund, Board President

When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to Fawn Rescue. Bookmark the link http://smile.amazon.com/ch/68-0180811 and support us every time you shop. Remember, other ways you can support Fawn Rescue when you shop using eScrip, United Way, Goodshop.com, iGive.com.

The 2017 FALL NEWSLETTER can be downloaded by clicking here!

Last year, someone evidently thought this little newborn had been abandoned by its mother. No way.
She will always return to her baby once she has finished browsing.

If you see a tiny fawn curled up pretending to be hiding, please - LEAVE IT ALONE. Mother will return!
It is impossible to improve upon Mother Nature.

That is why we work so hard to educate the public to leave these babies alone.
But, IF the baby is crying or walking in circles or obviously in distress...THEN
please call Fawn Rescue at 707-931-4550 first. Stay nearby the fawn until we arrive.

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