Fawn Rescue

A Letter From Austin

Wildlife Fawn Rescue received this wonderful letter and drawing from Austin, who is a student at the Sonoma Charter School.

Austin's Drawing
Click on the drawing to see a
more detailed version <25K>
Dear Marjorie McKenzie Davis,

Thank you for writing such a wonderful book on saving wildlife. I am writing a book called,

Good Things People Do
and Other Wildlife Facts
It is dedicated to:

For All The Time And
Effort You Put Into Saving

I am a 9 Year old boy Named Austin. I Go To The Sonoma Charter School and am in 4 Th grade. I think You Came into my classroom and made a speech when I was in Kindergarten.

I am willing to take your place when you can no longer do Fawn Rescue. If I do take your place at Fawn Rescue I will assure a good future.

My friend Eva and I have started a club called The Nature Club. Our goal is to save as many animals as possible.

I loved your book and so did the rest of my family. We learned many valuable lessons. We will repeat those lessons to all of our friends. We will respect every living creature and hope for a grand future.

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