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Photograph by Star DeWar

Sonoma & Mendocino Counties American Red Cross Real Heroes Award.

The Sonoma & Mendocino Counties American Red Cross gave Marjorie Davis their Real Heroes: Ordinary People - Extraordinary Compassion Award in the Animal Category, on April 25, 2007, in a ceremony in Santa Rosa.






California Legislature Joint Member Resolution #375 Commending


On February 23, 2007, in a ceremony at the State Building in Santa Rosa,  the Honorable Patty Berg presented Marjorie Davis with California Legislature Joint Member Resolution #375 commending her work with Fawn Rescue.






Armful of Fawns
Photograph by Kathy Aanestad


Points of Light Celebration Honoring the Bay Area's Top Volunteers, August 2001

Marj Davis, Director of Fawn Rescue, was honored at The Points of Light Celebration. It is held once a year and, chosen by judges from 500 nominees, the top twenty-five volunteers in the Bay Area are honored. The decisions were based on dedication, motivation, overcoming obstacles, meeting goals, and the quality of the organization's achievement. The celebration includes each honoree lighting a candle and making a brief statement.

"I light my candle for every fawn that has been orphaned or injured by human interference; and for my deep obligation to correct this wrong by caring for, protecting and returning these fragile creatures back into the wild where they belong."

~ Marj Davis

The Points of Light Celebration
Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition

Earth Elders Honor, April 16, 2000
"The mission of Earth Elders is to honor aging, elders and Earth: A call for midlife and older persons to become conscious and caring 21st century elders --- wise, compassionate, keepers of Earth and holders of a vision for future generations living in harmony with nature. We embrace this work as a sacred trust."

Marjorie Davis was "one of twenty Sonoma County Elders of the 20th Century who was selected as a person whose life and work reflect the many ways we in Sonoma County protect and preserve the beauty, richness, and diversity of our natural environment. The award is in recognition of our devotion to the work necessary to sustain life on this planet for future generations." Marj was honored with the planting of a native California tree at a local school.

Sonoma Ecology Center Environmental Awards, On the Eve of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Earth Day, April 21, 1995

"In recognition of stewardship, generosity, and outstanding contribution for our environment and our community, this award is presented to Marjorie Davis."

State of California, Department of Fish & Game, Director's Achievement Award, November 14, 1993

"Presented to Marjorie Davis for outstanding accomplishments in support of the Department's wildlife protection and conservation goals.

To Wit: Your enduring efforts to provide excellent care and rehabilitation to injured and orphaned California wildlife, and for sharing with others the knowledge you have experienced in the profession of wildlife rehabilitation".

California Department of Fish and Game, Wildlife Investigations Lab

Marjorie Davis
"The Wildlife Investigations Laboratory would like to recognize you for all the years and long hours in caring for wildlife. You have pioneered techniques in caring for and rehabilitation of fawns through research and application.

You also went a step beyond and took the time to prepare a manual of fawn care. You shared with others the techniques that you learned through the years so that they wouldn't have to start where you did but could give quality care to fawns as situations arose.

Marj, you have been a friend to the Lab. You have provided us with samples and information when requested. You have shown sound biological responses to wildlife with problems, helping to lessen the suffering when appropriate and caring for those that can be helped.

Marj, your knowledge and cooperation is much appreciated and your friendship is cherished."

Thank you for caring.
The entire staff of the Wildlife Investigations Lab, California Department of Fish and Game

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