Fawn Rescue

Drivers Needed

In the Fawnmobile - heading out
Photo by Jan Kennedy
Fawn Rescue is constantly searching for drivers to help with the transportation of fawns. Like a fireman or policeman, we cannot plan ahead. These calls are always emergencies and we must respond immediately. An injured fawn can't wait for us to finish dinner. A newly orphaned fawn can't schedule a convenient time to be rescued from the roadside. A driver must be willing to drop any activities that are not urgent, and drive to the site at once. This wild animal is in serious trouble, or we could not approach it. The public cannot safely bring the animal to us in their vehicle, as they can with a small animal or a bird.

A driver must respond to the call, evaluate the condition of the fawn, and transport it to Fawn Rescue, or a nearby veterinarian for treatment. The driver must have the understanding and inner-strength that is required to deal with the difficult problems we often encounter. The need is for highly dedicated, caring volunteers willing to assume this responsibility on an emergency basis.

Our drivers transport fawns throughout Sonoma County, but, if they wish, they may be assigned to the area in which they live. The work is seasonal, usually from March through September. Our hours can be from daylight to dark. This volunteer work will bring a new and worthwhile focus into your life. It is traumatic, demanding, exciting, and always rewarding. For more details, please call Fawn Rescue at (707) 931-4550.

Please print this notice and pass it on to someone you know who might be interested in helping in this important capacity. Put it on a bulletin board. Get the word out.

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