Fawn Rescue

Fall 2009 Update

Fawn and Iris

Photo by Carole Balala, 2009

For those of you I have not met yet my name is Carole Balala. I am the new coordinator and am thoroughly enjoying being part of the team. I come to Fawn Rescue with a lot of animal care experience and I am learning so much more with every new fawn.

This year has been full of challenges and discoveries. We added a new satellite shelter in West County and now have a total of eight pens scattered throughout Sonoma County.

We attended two public relations events that let us spread the word about the valuable services that Fawn Rescue provides. One was the Wednesday Night Downtown Market. The other was Open House for the Kenwood Farmhouse, sponsored by Swede’s Feeds. We are most grateful to Aspen and Michael for including Fawn Rescue in this very successful fundraising event.

Wyatt, a five year old from Glen Ellen, saw an article in the Sonoma Index- Tribune about Fawn Rescue. The accompanying photo of a fawn caught his eye and he resolved to find a way to support us. He set up a table in front of his house and sold fresh squeezed orange juice. That day he collected a whopping $24.50! His mother called to say that Wyatt wanted to donate the money to us in person. Marj and I went to Wyatt’s home and spoke to his mother about inviting Julie to visit Wyatt’s class to present our free wildlife education program. We are proud to add this family as friends of Fawn Rescue.

This winter we will continue to explore fundraising options and outlets. Whole Foods Market on Yulupa Avenue in Santa Rosa has generously accepted us into their Nickels for Nonprofits program. Anyone who shops there and brings in their own bags through December will have the option to donate that bag credit to Fawn Rescue. We appreciate the support!

We now have a permanent phone number (707) 931-4550, so please be sure to keep it close. We look forward to another busy season with the fawns. They always remind us of the wonder and beauty of nature.


Carole M. Balala

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