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Fall 2011 Update

Fall 2011-1
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Annual Fall Updates since 1989

Fawn Rescue had an unexpected move in August and September of this year. The facility at the old location including a large pen with multiple sections, various sheds, isolation pen, supplies and much more had to be relocated to a new site.

As of now the new property has the main fawn shed constructed where young and injured fawns are housed. The fencing has been torn down from the old location and is waiting at the new property to be put up, along with the isolation pen. Removing the posts from the old pen has been the major challenge since it is so late in the season, the ground is hard and makes it very difficult to extract them.

All of the files and medical supplies are in the new barn. Yet to be delivered at the new property are many carriers and some posts. Also the storage shed and custom- made, insulated shed have to be disassembled and reassembled in the weeks to come.

Many types of equipment and supplies are needed to care for fawns and keep this organization going. We have lots of files and records from the many years that Fawn Rescue has been operating. These are invaluable resources.

Thanks to all of you who gave an extra donation this year to help with this expensive and labor-intensive task of moving a facility. Thanks also to those who offered their time and energy for this cause. This was a large undertaking and we deeply appreciate your support.

Carole M. Balala

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