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2013 Update

2013 has been an extremely busy year for Fawn Rescue. At the time this newsletter went to print we have responded to 105 calls as of 9/4/2013 and our season is not over yet. It appears this year may bring the highest number of fawns this organization has ever handled. It is clear that we are meeting a need in this county in which the interface between rural and developed land continues to grow.

We want to thank a number of local animal resources that assisted us this year including Sonoma County Animal Control, Petaluma Animal Services and Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue. Working together we build a strong unit with the same goal in mind- to do our best for our area's animals.

We held our Open House in a new spot this year in Sebastopol at the Senior Center. We wanted to reach another side of the county where some people are not yet familiar with us. Getting the word out is half the battle so be sure to pass this newsletter along to a friend or neighbor when you are done with it.

As many of you know we have satellite pens throughout the county where fawns are raised until their release at four months of age. This system works well as it does not allow any one part of the county to become overpopulated. At the same time it allows us to raise fawns in a way that is conducive to limiting their exposure to people only having one caregiver instead of a whole host of volunteers.

This year we added a new pen in the beautiful Sonoma Mountain area. It is home to a small resident deer herd which our fawns will eventually join. It is a wonderful addition to our organization and in accordance with our mission – to keep fawns wild.

Our education program continues to thrive. Julie our Education Coordinator performed 37 talks throughout the school year. She spoke in classrooms, at summer camps and at the Tolay Fall Festival. This year more than ever I have heard callers mention, "Well I didn't even know about you but my son/daughter heard someone from your group speak." Julie is reaching a future generation of decision makers and teaching the importance of wildlife and habitat.
~ Carole Balala

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