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Spotlight On A Vet 

Marjorie Davis

I first met Grant Patrick, D.V.M. in the spring of 1987 at the Sonoma County Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Rohnert Park. Fawn Rescue was newly founded because of the great need in Sonoma County for a place where these stricken animals could be brought for care. Early one morning I stopped by, on an emergency basis, with a critically injured fawn. Dr. Patrick was on duty. During the examination of the fawn I anxiously questioned him about three other ill fawns that I was caring for at Fawn Rescue. My first fawn had been delivered to me in the fall of 1986, so I was new at this work, unsure of myself, and needed all the advice I could get.

I asked Grant's advice about any further treatment that I might consider to hasten their recovery .Totally interested in this newly established facility and our goals, Grant immediately told me to bring the fawns in for him to look at. "All three fawns? Now? Are you sure?" I asked in amazement. "I'm sure," he laughed. I dashed home, grabbed up all three tiny, ill fawns and had them back at the clinic before Grant went off duty. I left with medication in my hand and gratitude in my heart. The fawns quickly recovered. From there it was much smoother sailing for me, having Grant at my side. The beginning of a long and rewarding relationship. Now, in 2003, hundreds of fawns later, we are still working together. We find no place to stop or even to slow down.

Not long after our first meeting Grant Patrick bought his own business from a retiring vet in Rincon Valley. He tore down the existing ancient house and built a state-of-the-art clinic. Moving-in day was a gala event. "Now that I have my own clinic I want you to bring all your fawns to me," Grant innocently stated. Little did either of us know then that Fawn Rescue would develop into such a large and busy facility .In those beginning years 16 fawns a year seemed like a lot of fawns. All we could handle. But year after year, as the word spread, our fawn count increased steadily until, eventually, 100 fawns a year became the normal count.
Dr. Grant Patrick Christening His New Clinic
Dr. Grant Patrick, Montecito Veterinary Center Opening Day Christening, May 1989
Photo by Marjorie Davis

Even so, season after season, Grant insisted that I continue to bring ill and injured fawns to him for treatment. In all these years since our first meeting, Grant has consistently refused to bill me for his knowledge, his skills, his valuable time. Never a charge for treatment, X-rays, medication, intensive surgery. Broken bones, contagious diseases, open wounds, invasive parasites, digestive disorders, near-death crisis, whatever problems I bring to Grant he accepts with a smile. I have never been turned away even on the busiest day when the parking lot is lined with cars and the lobby is filled with clients. "You bring them in, I fix them up." Like a mantra, he fulfills his promise over and over. Dr. Grant Patrick is an exceptional, compassionate man to whom my gratitude is as eternal as is his commitment.

Gradually, over the years, Fawn Rescue has come to know many caring veterinarians throughout Sonoma County who willingly open their clinics to our needy fawns. We are indebted to them all. Grant was the first. He has never wavered in his dedication and his obvious love for all animals, both domestic and wild.

Grant Patrick, D.V.M.
Montecito Veterinary Center
4900 Sonoma Highway
Santa Rosa, CA 95409


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