Fawn Rescue


Imagine all the people living in harmony with the creatures of the wild. Imagine each of us who builds a fence, to enclose what is 'rightfully ours', leaving a corridor through that land to allow these harmless inhabitants of our world to migrate through in search of a place to rest, to eat, to give birth and to nurture their young.

Would we not profit by providing access to the lakes and streams that belonged to these free spirits long before this portion of the earth was purchased, titled, and deeded by man? Can we not look in wonder at their incredible beauty, their innocence, their natural wildness and be glad? Has man become a creature without honor or compassion, who harbors the will and uses his power to destroy the habitat and lives of these awesome, captivating companions of our planet?

Hold close the unforgettable experience, the privilege, of still having these wild animals close at hand, living a life of total freedom that has been lost to us and that we will never regain. Lift your voice against those who would silence them forever. "If all the beasts were gone man would die of a great loneliness of the spirit." Imagine a world without wildlife. Imagine.

Marjorie McKenzie Davis - 2001


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