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What's It Like Being A
Fawn Rescue Driver?

Thank you Julie!

It’s with sincere appreciation and admiration that we announce that our longtime Education Outreach volunteer, Julie Shoffner McGee, is retiring from her duties.

Julie has spent many years teaching school children in Sonoma County about native wildlife and conservation. I’m sure she has lost count of the number of times she’s loaded her van with
heavy cases and brought them to schools and clubs so that children could get a close up view of a turkey vulture, a skunk or a badger. Julie transported and displayed twelve mounted
specimens for each of her presentations. Children are always intrigued and engaged by the opportunity to see actual animals presented in life-like poses, animals that they might not recognize or even be aware exist, but that they soon learn to identify and look for when they go out in nature.

Now, instead of just wondering what that “thing” was that scurried across the road, the kids can brag that they saw a fox or a coyote and that they know the difference because Julie from Fawn Rescue showed it to them when she came to their school.

Thank you Julie for a job well done!




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