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Leap To Freedom

Leap to Freedom is no longer in print. Used copies available thru Amazon.

Leap To Freedom As Founder and Director of Fawn Rescue, a wildlife rehabilitation facility in Northern California, Marjorie Davis rescues fawns in distress, nurses her young charges back to health, then sets them free. She has literally hundreds of stories to tell of her many years of working with wildlife. She recounts just a fraction of them in her book of compelling short stories, Leap To Freedom (approximately 320 pages).

Part 1 is the feature story, Deer Gabriel, which traces a newborn fawn's abduction, his captivity in an illegal animal compound, his rescue, his "wilderness" training, and his final leap to freedom.

Part 2 is a collection of twenty stories, based on true accounts of wildlife rescue.

"Deer Gabriel is more than a story about a fawn having the misfortune to meet man. More importantly, it is one of the many episodes describing a wildlife care-giver's life and passion. Marjorie Davis exemplifies all that is kind, gentle and merciful in manů" Thomas P. Belt, Captain, California Department of Fish and Game "In Leap To Freedom, Marjorie Davis goes beyond Bambi to a deer's world of grace. Living in the wild borders of human habitation, they run afoul of our fences, our cars and our ignorance. Davis redeems us all with her resonating stories of rescue, rehabilitation and release." Diane Allevato, Executive Director, The Marin Humane Society

We are sorry, but Leap To Freedom
is no longer in print.
Marj and Gabriel
Marj and Gabriel                                               Photograph by Janet Prince

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