Fawn Rescue

Moonlight Magic

Marjorie McKenzie Davis

There he stands.
Phantom spirit,
Gleaming silver in the moonlight.
Contentedly feasting on clover
Surrounded by stillness and light.

I haven't seen him lately
Although my daily offering
Of apple and oak moss are always gone.

Then, just today,
I glimpsed our resident doe
Step cautiously out of the brush,
Her fawn trailing behind.
No, two!
But wait, she only has one fawn.
Oh! My fawn! (not mine)
My fawn has joined them.
His family now.

This once blind, fiercely independent,
Wild, wild fawn -
The day he recovered his sight
He glared at me
From fifty feet.
A distance he kept between us
Until his spots dissolved,
The gate was opened,
And he was free to go.

Now, deep in the night
I see him,
Flushed by the brilliance
Of the full moon.
His silverness shimmering.
A vision.
A dream.


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