Fawn Rescue


Group of Fawns
Photo by Janet Prince
  • It is dangerous to raise a wild animal in captivity. They do not make good pets.
  • It is against the law to keep wildlife in your possession.

If you do see a wild baby by itself in the woods or field...
  • Leave it alone. Do not go near. Do not touch it, although its mother WILL accept it back even though it has been touched by humans.
  • Its mother has gone for food. She will return to care for it much better than we can.
  • Do not feed it. Wild animals eat various kinds of food. They can survive only on food that is natural for their species. Never give them cow's milk, baby formula, or feed store products.
If any mammal, reptile or bird is injured, ill, or orphaned...
  • Call a wildlife expert. They will come to rescue and care for it.
  • It is better not to touch it. It may cause injury to you.

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