Fawn Rescue

What To Do If You Hit An Animal

 Doe & Her Fawn
This doe was an orphaned fawn; this photo of her and
her fawn as taken two years after her release in the wild.

If you hit ANY animal, please STOP to see if it is injured or dead. Check for orphaned fawns nearby -- if it can be done safely.

  • If it can be done safely, MOVE IT to the side of the road to prevent any driver behind you from hitting the body and possibly being injured.
  • Use extreme caution when approaching any injured animal. Do not attempt to pick it up. Do not risk being bitten or kicked.
  • You may cover it to provide warmth. Covering its head will calm it.
  • Do not give it food or water.
  • If possible, wait by the injured animal until help comes.
  • In Sonoma County:

    • For Injured Spotted Fawns, call Fawn Rescue at (707) 931-4550. Give exact directions.

    • Call Sonoma County Animal Care & Control at (707) 565-7100 for injured adult deer.
      Report a dead deer to Sonoma County Animal Care & Control, and then leave it.

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