Fawn Rescue

A Successful Reunion
By Carole Balala, Fall 2010

Successful Reunion In early spring this year a resident of The Sea Ranch, on the northern coast of Sonoma County, spotted a tiny fawn lying in the middle of a busy road. The driver immediately called The Sea Ranch security. Theses guards have assisted Fawn Rescue volunteers many times. They have learned that does leave their babies behind while they go forage, returning to feed the fawns hours later.

The guards rushed to the fawn and not wanting to disturb him placed orange traffic cones on the pavement where the fawn lay curled up. They circled him with a ring of protection from oncoming traffic creating his own private caution zone. He lay there quietly, in camouflage mode, trying to remain "unseen". The guards respectfully set the cones up and did not disturb him. They could see this was a healthy fawn behaving normally, just waiting for his mom.

Sure enough, hours later the doe returned for her baby. As soon as the fawn saw his mother he popped up and ran straight to her. Together they pranced towards the shelter of the nearby woods. A successful reunion thanks to The Sea Ranch Security Guards. These guards went above and beyond the call of duty that day. It is wonderful that they were conscientious enough to provide a safety zone for the patient fawn. Their compassion and understanding lead to a story with a wonderful ending.

If you see a little fawn like this in the road, curled up and resting on his sternum, you can move him off of the roadway about 20 feet. The mother will still retrieve the fawn with the smell of humans on him. This way the fawn is out of harm's way but not too far from where the doe left it so she will have no trouble finding him again

Successful Reunion Successful Reunion

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