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Volunteer Community & Educational Outreach

  • Host informatio table/booth, schedule dates and locations, prepare supplies
  • Event committee, fundraisers, open house, picnic, community events, school events, children's fairs, festivals and other events
  • Develop new projects, assist with volunteer opportunities
  • Volunteer coordination: organize volunteer tasks, schedule volunteer committees, help manage events, meeting and lecture hall locations. Oversee volunteer activities to reort to Animal Care Coordinator and Board of Directors

Fundraising and Public Relations

  • Donation jars
  • Grant search, writing, project estimates and coordination
  • Sponsorships and Donors: company contact, requests and coordination
  • Request donations: supplies, services, gifts, raffle, auction, displays, etc.
  • Fundraiser, Raffle, Auction: donation request letters, collect items, advertising
  • Event coordination: event locations, event permits, government requirements, fundraising, parking, security, food, beverage, entertainment, etc.
  • Partnerships: habitat areas, wildlife corridors, preserves, state parks, county parks
  • Add to mailing list, members, update database
  • New volunteer promotion

Operations and Maintenance assist Animal Care Coordinator

  • Handymen pen construction and maintenance, set posts and install fencing, build barn sheds, weed clearing, chainsaw branches, repairs, etc.
  • Collect greens for feeding***: Many through September
  • Pick up, delivery of donated materials, rental equipment, medical supplies, etc.
  • Vehicle maintenance, upkeep, cleaning
  • Laundry service
  • Service and material donations: contractor, carpenter, etc.
  • Construction documents, permits, ordinances, county restrictions
  • Inventory building supplies and other materials

Assistant to Animal Care Coordinator and Board of Directors

  • Email, telephone follow-up assistance, mail, telephone support, appointment support, meeting scheduling and reports
  • Telephone assistance for Animal Care Coordinator, schedule days and hours, educated on answering calls (see Guide)
  • Data entry, assistance with prjects and volunteers

Research and Development

  • Data entry, cataloging, information updates, archive Fawn Rescue files
  • Handout updates, donation request letters
  • Medical research, tracking, updates on fawn illness, prevention and treatments
  • Research assistance for Animal Carre Coordinator and Board of Directors
  • Grants available, educational outrach grants
  • Research, establish for specific needs: GoFundMe, etc.
  • Non-profit research, regulation updates, requirements, restrictions
  • Update annual calendar and distribute to volunteers
  • Research products, purchase prices and sales
  • Develop new programs, opportunities
  • Computer udates, software knowledge and assistance


  • Website, Ffacebook page, Twitter, other social media
  • Newsletter
  • Update links, web searches to Fawn Rescue
  • Educational videos, slideshow (with and without sound), photograph DVD, mixed media production
  • Photograph management, storage library, albums, mixed use displays, archive
  • Create APP, update links, develop new online connections
  • Social Media (outreach and advice)

Graphic Arts

  • Invitations, thank you cards, flyers, advertisement
  • Update exhibits, display boards, photographs, handouts, stationary, etc.
  • Prepare children's projects for education, information and events
  • Donations for printing services, office and art supplies
  • Donations and development of Fawn Rescue merchandise, manufacturer donations









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