Fawn Rescue

by Marjorie Davis

Fawn Rescue maintains several pens on which to raise and release fawns. These pens are located on remote, private land throughout Sonoma County. One homeowner has a large flock of ravens making their favorite hang-out on her 40 acres of deeply wooded land. These ravens are very protective of their chosen wildlife haven. Therefore, this homeowner is instantly alerted the moment a car turns into her gated entry which is over the hill from her home.

One day as I slowly passed through, one enormous raven swooped down in front of my windshield loudly sounding his alarm. The other ravens soared and screeched around him. My friend waited in her drive as I approached, laughing and pointing to these alert guard birds that had arrived well in advance of me.

That spring we set up a fawn pen on the crest of her land, far from any human interference. We soon filled this pen with her quota of four young fawns. Before long one powerful raven decided this was his special assignment. He settled contentedly into a shaded oak tree area as these unconcerned, tiny fawns raced around the enclosure gaining strength for their future release back into the wild where they belong.

One breezy morning I delivered some gathered fresh wild browse, which fawns must eat in order to thrive. This on-guard raven peacefully pecked breakfast in their field. As I came up the path, balancing the greens, he flew aggressively into the air to circle and dive in protection of his self-appointed charges. Strangely, he never gave out his deep, hoarse call of warning. He seemed to understand the delicate temperament of these wild babies? In awe of nature at work I quickly tossed my armload of nourishment into the pen and left.


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