Black-tail Fawn Manual

This manual is used as a guide by other wildlife specialists and is sold throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad. We are proud to be making this much needed contribution to wildlife care. Only certified wildlife rehabilitation organizations are eligible to purchase this manual.

New diseases and other information were added in the 2010 revision.

Step-by-Step Rehabilitation from Admission to Release

  • Part 1 – Natural History

  • Part II – Care In Captivity 

    Supplies, Pick-up and Transport, Admission, Feeding, Indoor Housing, Outdoor Housing, Elimination, Hygiene, Medical Problems, Handling, Tagging, Release
  • Part III – Daily Schedule

  • Part IV – Attachments  
Stress – A Brief Study, Advantages of Feeding Racks for Fawns, Sleuthing Solves Fawns Sickness, The Two Faces of Imprinting, The Stress of Physical and Chemical Restraints on Fawns, Colostrx, Probios, and more. 

To Order:

Please send a check or money order for $15.00 plus $3.00 postage, payable to Fawn Rescue, P.O. Box 1622, Sonoma, CA 95476.