Currently, we are looking for an Education volunteer. If you are interested, please contact Carol Stenlund, President.

When our new Education volunteer is ready, they are available to visit your school at any time throughout the school year as well as during summer sessions. Hours are flexible between 10:00 am and 3:00pm, depending on availability. Classes can be grouped together in order to reach a greater number of children during our visit. We are also willing to spend an extended period of time with a smaller, more intimate group of students.

It is against the policy of this facility to confine living wildlife for educational purposes.  We believe their use for public education conveys the wrong message. Therefore, these talks are centered around a collection of native mounted animals. This exhibit provides children with the rare opportunity to examine, at close range, hoofs, claws, hair textures, and other features without stress to the animal. Children are fascinated and full of amazing questions.

vulture exhibit

Vulture exhibit

bobcat exhibit

Bobcat exhibit

fawn exhibit

Fawn Exhibit

badger exhibit

Badger exhibit


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